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Ohio Cash and Food Assistance

Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services has compiled a list of resources and helplines to support students struggling with mental health crises and/or addictions.


Ohio's Aspire programs provide FREE services for individuals who need assistance acquiring the skills to be successful in post-secondary education, training and employment. Local programs offer classes at flexible locations, and on different days and times to meet diverse needs. 

Bridges is a voluntary program available to young adults who left foster care in Ohio at ages 18, 19 or 20 and who are in school, working, participating in an employment program, or have a medical condition that prevents them from going to school or working.


FYLaw provides legal advice to those without an attorney in many situations including those whose parents are receiving addiction treatment anywhere in Ohio, low-income individuals dealing with custody matters, and Ohioans aged 16-24 who were ever in foster care, or involved with Child Welfare or Juvenile Court. Contact and additional information can be found here.


Get the financial support you need to succeed in higher education.


Find permanent and temporary shelter and housing support.

Find awards and vouchers available to meet needs and achieve success.



Don't ever go hungry. Find kitchens and food pantries near you now.